From Happy Childhood School

Even though we are not sure when that will be. Here is how we are thinking.

1. looking at what other countries are doing (China has some great ideas)

2. Adding cute animal footprints 6 feet apart to the sidewalk that leads up to the door of the school.

3. Inside shoes that the children will put on before going in the classroom.

4. Rotating classroom times outside.

5. Making our curriculum more play oriented.

6. Assessing child development so we can catch any specific needs in children.

7. Getting teachers ready to work with children that may be traumatized and helping teachers see their own trauma.

8. Making a video to walk parents through the expectations and guidelines when the children come back.


Karen Castagna, Happy Childhood School, California

From Kind Care

Kind Care are implementing these measures:

  • Drop off at the front door
  • Temp checks for children and staff upon arrival and again at nap time
  • Limit classrooms to 10
  • Created visual markings on tables and chairs for social distancing 
  • Provide each child a baggie of their own marker, crayons, books, Legos, sensory items and kept in individual cubbies
  • Assigning each classroom their own playground day. We clean the playground structures at the end of the day with soap and water and followed with a bleach solution. To make this efficient we use a 2 gallon garden sprayer, one for each type of solution (soap and water & bleach solution) and hose it down.
  • Staff are wearing masks

Sandra Joseph, Williamsburg Community Child Care Center, Iowa

From Lutheran Services Florida

Lutheran Services Florida will be following these guidelines:

1. Limited people in building

2. No more going out for lunch; bring lunch.

3. Parents will drop off instead of entering building.

4. Hand sanitizers will be used.

5. Retrain children the proper way of washing hands.

6. Sanitize Classrooms three times a day.

7. Down size capacity of classroom size.

8. Wear gloves and change them at least three times a day.

9. Smaller group size from 4 to 2 to a learning table. Check children and staff temp upon arrival every day.

10. Staff is not allowed to come to work if not feeling well. The New Normal


Laquita Edwards, Lutheran Services Florida

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